The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Giovanni Battista (Battistine) was founded in 1878 by priest Alfonso Maria Fusco, who was beatified by Pope Giovanni Paolo II on October 7 2001, and canonized by Pope Francesco on October 16 2016.
Today the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Giovanni Battista keeps up with the times and operates in 17 countries around the world, spreading everywhere the message of love, redemption, humility, and human improvent as was experienced by St. Alfonso Maria Fusco. The main purposes of the Congreation are God praise and santification of its members, through Holy Spirit’s action and apostolic activities.
Charity, evangelical simplicity, cordiality, faithful obedience, total abandonment to divine Providence, daily dedication are the most precious legacy left by the Founder to all the Battistine sisters.


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